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Our Quality Policy

Our mission is to achieve world-class performance and standards in what we do in order to maintain the heritage of our distinguished brand name in the cement market. We pledge to provide the finest in quality and value-added personal care to our customers. We will extend and maintain our pre-eminent leadership in the market as we exceed requirements and fulfill needs and unexpressed wishes of all our customers.

Carib Cement - Committed to a Standard of QualityWe will implement a formal Quality Management System as the framework for setting quality objectives and targets and for managing operations and activities that can adversely impact on quality and service.

Our Quality Management System exist to demonstrate our genuine commitment to those we serve; to validate our product quality; and to assure all standards, both local and international, are met.

Management will demonstrate leadership in quality standards and shall encourage employee participation and support of our Quality Management System by supporting high-team spirit, empowerment and innovativeness while providing the necessary resources to accomplish the same. All employees will be appropriately trained to fulfill their functions competently, to optimize performance, to improve efficiency of the plant and processes, to understand how their roles relate to the quality system and contribute to the overall success of Caribbean Cement Company Limited.

Carib Cement - Committed to a Standard of QualityContinual improvement will always be our path to becoming a Caribbean world-class company.

We will foster innovations in marketing, operations and technology to improve on quality and value.

We will make it a personal commitment to ensure complete customer satisfaction as we innovate and create opportunities to leverage competitively the "Carib Cement" brand.

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F.L.A Haynes, General Manager
Caribbean Cement Company Ltd
28, February 2003

A Committment to Quality

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

Carib Cement focuses its attention on Quality Assurance as one of the tenets of the organisation. The entire staff committs itself to ensuring that only products which met local and international standards leave its Rockfort Plant. It is important that each stage of the production process and management system be certified.

Testing and monitoring systems have been implemented to detect, identify and correct any breaches in the production process and management system. Staff are also sensitised in quality management and a team of auditors has been established and trained to maintain the integrity of the systems.

The Company is certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation and the BSJ. Both local and international registrar bodies have audited Carib Cement's systems for conformance to world standards regarding good manufacturing practices, quality management and quality assurance in all aspects of its operations.

Carib Cement's Laboratory Technicians hard at work ensuring high and consistent quality products


Carib Cement Lab is now ISO 17025 accredited!



The General Manager, Anthony Haynes and the Quality Department team

Carib Cement Quality Control Officer (QCO) and another Quality  Department staff member using equipment in their laboratory that is ISO 17025:2005 accredited for cement testing


Carib Cement is proud to announce that its in-house laboratory is the first in Jamaica to be internationally accredited. The Company’s Laboratory Management System is now ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 accredited.

The ISO/IEC 17025 standard is a global ISO standard outlining the general requirements to ensure the competency of laboratories doing testing and calibration. The Carib Cement laboratory management system, therefore, had to demonstrate that it could successfully and consistently meet the international standard requirements. In its assessment for accreditation, the laboratory consistently generated credible test data for eight ASTM standard test methods on cement prior to its release to the market.

Accreditation was granted to Jamaica’s sole producer of Portland cement on December 10, by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (L-A-B) of Indiana, USA.

L-A-B is an internationally recognized accreditation body with full membership to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). Carib Cement has joined the ranks of over 300 laboratories worldwide which were accredited by

L-A-B, including countries such as USA, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Carib Cement took the decision to have its laboratory internationally accredited as a part of its focus on continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations and its corporate social responsibility in ensuring a product in the marketplace of consistently high quality.

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Our accreditation status is also posted on the registrar’s website under their directory of accredited laboratories (scope and certificate).

Link to Registrar’s website:

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