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The Caribbean Cement Company has been in operation since 1952.  For generations of Jamaicans, the plant at Rockfort is a landmark, a point of reference for those of us coming or going.  In its sixty years of operation, Carib Cement has achieved much and grown considerably.  Our contribution to the structural development of the country is evident in the many and varied homes and buildings that exist in Jamaica.

Carib Cement is a product of exceptionally high quality and ideally suited for Jamaican conditions.  Tried and proven for sixty years, it is entirely made from local materials. It is a vital component of the construction industry and its manufacturing and distribution provides employment for hundreds of Jamaicans.

At Carib Cement, we take our corporate responsibility seriously.  In a quiet and unassuming way, Carib Cement initiates and runs programmes and projects that touch the lives of both employees and the wider community.

Some examples of Carib Cement outreach programmes include:

  • Supporting Community Skills Training Programmes organised by the Heart Trust/ NTA;
  • Sponsoring basic computer training for teachers;
  • Supporting students of Construction Management;
  • Contributing to the Bustamante Children‘s Hospital;
  • Assistance in funding the MultiCare Foundation for the development of inner city youth;

just to name a few of our many community activities.

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The Rockfort Mineral Bath Complex (RMBC) comprises the Mineral Bath and Historic Fort and operates as a subsidiary of the Carib Cement Company Limited under lease by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. The site is listed and gazetted by the Government of Jamaica as a national monument and was declared in 1992.

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