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The Rockfort Mineral Bath Complex (RMBC) comprises the Mineral Bath and Historic Fort and operates as a subsidiary of the Carib Cement Company Limited under lease by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. The site is listed and gazetted by the Government of Jamaica as a national monument and was declared in 1992.

The property was previously closed to the public for 20 months and has been reopened, operating at present with the Public Pool only as renovations are ongoing.

Canteen Concessionnaire - Rockfort Mineral Bath (RMBC)

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Opening Hours

Tuesdays - Fridays (8am - 4pm) / Saturdays & Sundays (7am-6pm). The last person is admitted no later than 3:15pm during the week and 5:15pm on weekends.

The property is closed to the public on Mondays.

We are open on all public holidays with the exception of Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Admission Fees

Adults - $500.00 Children (4-12) - $350.00 Senior Citizens - $350.00 General Admission - $250.00

Please contact our office for group bookings and rates.

The Historic Rockfort

Documentary evidence does not provide the exact date for the construction of Rockfort, however there is some evidence that it was constructed around 1694, with various additions after. In 1694, it was felt that the French would advance on the Liguanea Plain from St. Thomas and the site at Rockfort was hastily fortified to bar their way, with all the original guns pointed towards St. Thomas. The roadway through the fort was used as a major road from Kingston to the east until the 1960's. The importance of Rockfort as a military stronghold began to decline towards the end of the 18th century. A 'LINE' of defence at the ROCK, as the Rockfort site was first called, was recorded in the Journals of the House of Assembly on Friday, March 27, 1702.

The remaining associated structures of the Fort signify mastery in engineering, use of Jamaican building materials as well as British military construction of the period. The property was subsequently used by the Prisons Department (later the Department of Correctional Services) and was a base for German POW.

Looking for a truly perfect venue for your event in a beautiful and historic setting?...Rockfort is the place!

Let this wonderful national heritage site be the venue for your perfect event. Choose from our poolside with the imposing rock face of Long Mountain or our lawn with the historic fort as its backdrop. For further information or to view any one of our venues, please give us a call.

Rockfort...the refreshing place to be!

Programmes & Informational Fliers

Aqua Aerobics for Maximum Fitness
Certified Mineral Content of Water - Rockfort
Rockfort Story Board
RMBC Event Assessment Form

Contact Information

Mailing Address: Rockfort Mineral Bath Management Office, C/o Caribbean Cement Company Limited, P.O Box 448, Kingston.

Telephone: 9386551/9385055 Fax: 9386551


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