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Morgan’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 6 ½ Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay
PHONE: 972-0285

CONTACT: Carris Kong


Coast to Coast Concrete

ADDRESS: 15 Winchester Ave. Shop # 42, Kingston

PHONE: 754-7472

CONTACT: Clifton Johnson


China Harbour Engineering Company

ADDRESS: 6-8 St. Lucia Avenue, Kingston 5
PHONE: 484-3327

CONTACT: Xiangwei Zhao


Dyna Metro Ltd.

ADDRESS: Lot 10,Bushy Park, Portmore

PHONE: 988-0485

CONTACT: Shernet Wynter


Electrical Pole Projects (Ashtrom)

ADDRESS: Central Village, Spanish Town
PHONE: 984-6459

CONTACT: Joseph Gunnis


Enviro Planners

ADDRESS: 17 Munroe Road, Kingston 6

PHONE: 977-7590

CONTACT: Balfour Denniston


Island Hardware

ADDRESS: 9 Retirement Road, Kingston 5
PHONE: 929-7817

CONTACT: Mr. Kirby


Hardrock Concrete Mix

ADDRESS: 56 Jobs Lane, St. John, Spanish Town

PHONE: 981-3203

CONTACT: Nigel Bloomfield


Kurbriton Limited

ADDRESS: 22 Clarendon Park, Toll Gate, Clarendon
PHONE: 288-1620

CONTACT: Renee Ricketts


Merit Construction Limited

ADDRESS: 19-21 Ballater Avenue Kingston 10

PHONE: 620-4600

CONTACT: Kenneth Picinich


New Era Homes 2000 Ltd.

ADDRESS: Shop # 2 Caribbean Estate Shopping Village, Portmore
PHONE: 602-5764

CONTACT: Leo Taddeo


Dunn Mix Concrete (Formerly, O.C.S. Electrical& Hardware)

ADDRESS: 33 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 754-2921

CONTACT: Steve Dunn


Phil’s Hardware Ltd.

ADDRESS: Twickenham Park, St. Catherine
PHONE: 984-2400

CONTACT: Basil Phillips


Shesscon Ja. Ltd. (Jamaica Concrete Pipes)

ADDRESS: 56 Riverton Boulevard, Kingston 11

PHONE: 765-8438

CONTACT: Steve Fong-Yee


Trevor Dunkley Haulage & Equipment

ADDRESS: 23 Trenton Road, Shop 1, May Pen
PHONE: 786-3720

CONTACT: Trevor Dunkley


Walker’s Block Factory & Quarry

ADDRESS: Seven Miles, Bull Bay

PHONE: 928-7000

CONTACT: Kenneth A. Walker


Ashtrom Building System Ltd.

ADDRESS: Central Village,Spanish Town
PHONE: 984-2395

CONTACT: Yehuda Shaham


Roger’s Concrete Limited

ADDRESS: 72 Molynes Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 923-6405

CONTACT: Richard Rogers


Surrey Paving & Aggrregate

ADDRESS: 11 Durobin Avenue, Kingston 10
PHONE: 755-0961

CONTACT: Micheal Hemming


Jamaica Pre-Mix

ADDRESS: 31 Molynes Road,Kingston 10

PHONE: 926-3420

CONTACT: Kendis Barrow



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