Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - St Ann

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in St. Ann




Southfield Block & Aggregates Ltd.

ADDRESS: 27 Market Street, Falmouth
PHONE: 954-3597

CONTACT: Tony Hurst


A& D Hardware

ADDRESS: 4 James Avenue, Ocho Rios

PHONE: 974-4646

CONTACT: Anthony Jackson


Beaver’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Gully Road, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann
PHONE: 823-5759



Boswell Hardware

ADDRESS: 11 James Ave., Ocho Rios P.O.

PHONE: 795-2874

CONTACT: Kenneth Boswell


C&D Hardware

ADDRESS: Gloden Grove, Lydford P.O. St. Ann
PHONE: 973-1902

CONTACT: Conrad Coombs


Channus Block Factory

ADDRESS: Main Street, Brown’s Town

PHONE: 975-2681

CONTACT: Anthony Charley


Clarke’s Hardware Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 1 Jail Lane, St. Ann’s Bay

CONTACT: Adolp Clarke


Columbus Supplies Ltd.

ADDRESS: P.O., Box 23,Discovery Bay

PHONE: 973-4307

CONTACT: Paul Gracey


Coombs Self Serve & Hardware

ADDRESS: Main Street, Monegue, St. Ann
PHONE: 973-0591

CONTACT: Hubert Coombs


Deals and Delivery

ADDRESS: Great Pond, Ocho Rios, P.O. Box 544, St. Ann

PHONE: 417-7799

CONTACT: Richard Livingston Trellis


Depot Supplies

ADDRESS: AGR Byfield Highway, St. Ann’s Bay
PHONE: 361-4842

CONTACT: Winston Josephs


Eddy’s Hardware & Farm Supplies

ADDRESS: Walkerswood, P.O. St. Ann

PHONE: 917-2815

CONTACT: Cecic Edmondson


English Hardware

ADDRESS: Bethany District, Alexanderia P.O.
PHONE: 975-1028

CONTACT: Hubert Scarlett


Fast Supplies Bypass Hardware

ADDRESS: 148 Main Street, Ocho Rios

PHONE: 974-4417

CONTACT: Ansurd A. McIntosh


Fresh Farm Enterprise

ADDRESS: Alexandria, Main Street, St. Ann
PHONE: 975-1375

CONTACT: Alfred Whorms


Highway Electrical Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: Exchange Road, White River, Ocho Rios

PHONE: 974-5592

CONTACT: Pancheta Beams


House of Hardware Ltd.

ADDRESS: Main Street, Brown’s Town P.O.
PHONE: 975-2507

CONTACT: Sherman Harris


Ideal Enterprise & Haulage Services

ADDRESS: 5 Bread Nut Hill Road, Ocho Rios

PHONE: 795-2472

CONTACT: Hansley Berry


Kemet Construction Supplies Ltd.

ADDRESS: Shop 1, Dairy Plaza, Main St. D/Bay
PHONE: 973-3742

CONTACT: Kaneisha Linton


Lee’s Hardware & Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: Main Street, Claremont, St. Ann

PHONE: 972-3278

CONTACT: Christopher Lee


Linton’s Hardware

ADDRESS: St. D’Acre, St. Ann
PHONE: 975-1019

CONTACT: Karl Linton


M&M Agri & Hardware

ADDRESS: Harrison Town, Ocho Rios

PHONE: 804-4608

CONTACT: Eric Misquita


McDonalds Enterprise

ADDRESS: Coultart Grove, Claremont P.O.
PHONE: 972-4012

CONTACT: Garfield McDonald


Millen’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Bethany District, St. Dave P.A.

PHONE: 975-1329

CONTACT: Alfred Millen


Mitchell’s Paint Store

ADDRESS: 87 Main Street,Ocho Rios
PHONE: 974-6458

CONTACT: Winston Mitchell


Northern Agri & Hardware

ADDRESS: Main Street, Claremont, St. Ann

PHONE: 972-3130

CONTACT: Denzil Scott


Ocho Rios Quarry

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 101, Buckfield
PHONE: 974-2509

CONTACT: Gregory Chong


Paul’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 50 Main Street St. Ann’s Bay

PHONE: 972-0960

CONTACT: Rudolph Pottinger


Redway’s Import Export Traders

ADDRESS: 14 Church Street, Brown’s Town St.Ann
PHONE: 975-2001

CONTACT: Delroy Redway


Rivers Enterprises Farm Store & Hardware (Fresh Farm)

ADDRESS: Alexandria, Main Street, St. Ann

PHONE: 975-1375

CONTACT: Alfred Whorms


ECJ Hardware

ADDRESS: 49 A Deaneary Road, Kingston 3.
PHONE: 930-8565

CONTACT: Ermine Cynthia Bryan


CESS Hardware Incorporated Limited

ADDRESS: Old Breaton Main Road, Greater Portmore P. O.,St. Catherine

PHONE: 998-2357

CONTACT: Dave Cespedes


Orange Field Hardware

ADDRESS: Orange Field District, Orange field P. A., St. Catherine
PHONE: 284-2347

CONTACT: Delsome Ormsby


Powell Enterprise & Hardware

ADDRESS: Round Hill Drive, Hopewell, Hanover

PHONE: 386-3322

CONTACT: Fitzroy Powell


Ocho Rios Glass & Hardware Supplies

ADDRESS: #5 Milford Road, Ocho Rios, St. Ann
PHONE: 974-7508

CONTACT: Rosemarie Smith


WALMAC Hardware & Supplies.

ADDRESS: Lot #8, Mammee Bay, St. Ann’s Bay, P. O.

PHONE: 917-4276

CONTACT: Jermaine Wallace


Global Lubes Limited

ADDRESS: 15 Creek Street, Montego Bay, St. James
PHONE: 952-6794

CONTACT: Paul Kelly


Nanz Hardware

ADDRESS: Shop #4, Highway, Plantation Plaza, Richmond Estate, Priory, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann

PHONE: 285-4383

CONTACT: Murdell Angella Jackson


Jackson ‘s Hardware & Supplies

ADDRESS: Main Street, Moneague, St. Ann

PHONE: 420-0560

CONTACT: Audley Jackson


J. P. Hardware Centre

ADDRESS: 70 ½ Molynes Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 923-5660

CONTACT: Brenton Neil


Filicity Hardware & More

ADDRESS: 255 Glendevon, Norwood Road, Montego Bay, St. James
PHONE: 346 - 1591

CONTACT: Gabroan Richards


Home and Hardware Development Ltd.,

ADDRESS: Hanbury Road, Manchester

PHONE: 365-4672

CONTACT: Shereen Smith


Vinci Construction Grands Project

ADDRESS: Lot 138 M Bryans Bay, Port Antonio, Portland
PHONE: 715-3174

CONTACT: Jacques Boudoux


WMI Water Management International

ADDRESS: NWC Constant Spring Water Treatment Plant, Long Lane, Kingston

PHONE: 756-3258

CONTACT: Christophe Serrer


Real Deal Electrical Sales & Service

ADDRESS: #9 Barracks Road, Montego Bay, St. James>
PHONE: 315 - 9060

CONTACT: Richard Smith


KIPS Block Factory

ADDRESS: Aenon Town,Clarendon

PHONE: 576-5873

CONTACT: Kiplin Cuffe


Rogers Block & Hardware

ADDRESS: Lot 4 Mount Edgecombe Runaway Bay
PHONE: 973-4129

CONTACT: Frederick Pringle


Satty’s Enterprise

ADDRESS: Tabernacle, Inverness P.O., St. Ann

PHONE: 975-1192

CONTACT: Leslie Johnson


Samuel’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Drax Hall St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann
PHONE: 797-2833

CONTACT: Decardova Samuels


Simmon’s Enterprise

ADDRESS: 73 Main St. Ocho Rios

PHONE: 974-5462

CONTACT: Geogre Simmons


Scott’s Hardware Tools & Equip.

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 140, Discovery Bay, St. Ann
PHONE: 670-0327

CONTACT: Philmore Scott


Triple C’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Alexandria, Main Street, St. Ann

PHONE: 889-4923

CONTACT: C. Cookhorn


Tuff Blocks

ADDRESS: Lot 54 Windsor Estate, Glouchester Road
PHONE: 972-0285

CONTACT: Desmond Morgan


L&G Williams Hardware

ADDRESS: Main Street, Runaway Bay

PHONE: 973-5332

CONTACT: G. Williams


Wahtama Enterprise

ADDRESS: LimeHall, P.O., St. Ann
PHONE: 972-5714

CONTACT: Wade Haye


W.G. Walters Construction Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 10B White River, Ocho Rios, St. Ann

PHONE: 974-2117

CONTACT: Winston Walters


Bamboo Block Factory

ADDRESS: P.O. Box6, Browns Town
PHONE: 975-2234

CONTACT: Mr. Schooner


Depot Centre

ADDRESS: Cnr Habour & Bravo St., St Ann’s Bay

PHONE: 972-7227

CONTACT: Winston Josephs


Morgan’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 6 ½ Main Street, St. Ann’s Bay
PHONE: 972-0285

CONTACT: Carris Kong


Coast to Coast Concrete

ADDRESS: 15 Winchester Ave. Shop # 42, Kingston

PHONE: 754-7472

CONTACT: Clifton Johnson



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