Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribbean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - Kingston

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in Kingston



A. S. Cambridge Limited.

ADDRESS:96 - 100 East Street, Kingston CSO
PHONE: 922-8550

CONTACT: Paul Lewis


A. Lewis Trucking

ADDRESS: 3 Riverview Ave.,Kingston 6

PHONE: 977-1233


CONTACT: Androl Lewis


ECJ Hardware

ADDRESS: 49 A Deaneary Road, Kingston 3.
PHONE: 930-8565

CONTACT: Ermine Cynthia Bryan


J. P. Hardware Centre

ADDRESS: 70 ½ Molynes Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 923-5660


CONTACT: Brenton Neil


A.Gracia/ Consumer Goods.

ADDRESS: 2A Ashenheim Road,Kingston 11/ 110 Orange Street
PHONE: 383-0822

CONTACT: Alvin Gracia


Access Electrical & Hardware Supplies

ADDRESS: 28 Champlain Avenue, Kingston 2

PHONE: 924-6807


CONTACT: Delroy Thomas


Almar Hardware.

ADDRESS: 1B Mountain View Avenue, Kingston 2
PHONE: 928-9948

CONTACT: Alwin Griffiths


ARC System Limited

ADDRESS: 14 Bell Road, Kgn 11

PHONE: 923-1426


CONTACT: Chris Senior


Barry’s Hardware.

ADDRESS: 15 Chandos Place, Kgn.6
PHONE: 927-1849

CONTACT: Garth Barrett


Blue Power Group Limited

ADDRESS: 17c Gordon Town Road, kgn.6

PHONE: 938-0304


CONTACT: Dhiru Tanna


Bussa Youth & Highway Familty Const. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 1 Windward Close, Wickie Wackie,Bull Bay
PHONE: 750-0595

CONTACT: Paul Henry


Cemaserv Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 22 Dunrobin Avenue, kgn.10

PHONE: 931-8097


CONTACT: Sherwin Shand


Chin’s Construction.

ADDRESS: 15 Studio One Blvd., Kingston 5
PHONE: 920-5472

CONTACT: Alexander Chin


Franklin Forrest & Associates

ADDRESS: 595 ½ Spanish Town Road, Kingston 11

PHONE: 765-2709


CONTACT: Franklin Forrest


Guthrie’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 2 Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6
PHONE: 927-1805

CONTACT:Mendez Gutherie


Gore Developments Ltd.

ADDRESS: 2C Braemer Ave., kgn 5

PHONE: 927-5323


CONTACT: Christopher Gore


H & S Hardware.

ADDRESS: 37G Ken Hill Drive, Kingston 20
PHONE: 934-0794

CONTACT: Huntley Britton


Hardware & Lumber

ADDRESS: 697 Spanish Town Road, Kgn.11

PHONE: 765-9967


CONTACT: Anthony Holness


Hughenden Hardware

ADDRESS: 102 Molynes Road, Kingston 20
PHONE: 925-9028 / 924-0494

CONTACT: Mr. Noel Jackson


Intec Construction

ADDRESS: 3a Grants Pen Ave., Kgn. 8.

CONTACT: Mr. Anthony Pinnock


I.G.S. Hardware & Electrical Supplies

ADDRESS: 49C Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5
PHONE: 908-4962

CONTACT: Mr. Noel Jackson


Inc. Masterbuilders Association

ADDRESS: 5 Oxford Park Avenue, Kgn. 5
PHONE: 929-8580 / 926-8942

CONTACT: Mrs. Rosemary Plant */ Oretta Brooks


Incomparable Enterprise ltd.

ADDRESS: 45 Spanish Town Road, Kgn 14
PHONE: 922-6355

CONTACT: Justin O’ Gilvie


Irie Hardware Ltd.

ADDRESS: 92 Barbican Road,Kgn 8

PHONE: 978-7895




Island Dealers Ltd.

ADDRESS: 27a Seaward Drive, Kingston 20
PHONE: 923-0278

CONTACT: Anthony Swaby


Jamaica Livestock Association

ADDRESS: P.O.Box 36, Newport East Kgn.

PHONE: 922-0310


CONTACT: Henry Rainford


K. Limited.

ADDRESS: #5, 13A Norbrook Road
PHONE: 755-0231



General Building Products Limited.

ADDRESS: 113 Constant Spring Road, Kgn.10

PHONE: 925-8355


CONTACT: Kenneth Biesary


Kenty’s Block Suppliers

ADDRESS: 58 Molynes Road, Kgn .10
PHONE: 923-6106

CONTACT: Kenneth Chen


Lifemark Designs & Hardware

ADDRESS: 70 ¼ Molynes Road, Kgn.10

PHONE: Gregory 923-5660


CONTACT: Gregory Barned


Local Hardwaresmith & Steel Ltd.

ADDRESS: 1 Main Street, Stony Hill
PHONE: 924-3945

CONTACT: Robert Collins


Lonestar Suppliers Limited.

ADDRESS: 8 Dunscombe Drive, Kgn.19

PHONE: 925-9682


CONTACT: Lorraine McDonald


Lloyd Sales Hardware

ADDRESS: 98 Red Hills Road, Kingston 19
PHONE: 969-3382

CONTACT: Lloyd Thomas


Magil Construction (Ja) Ltd

ADDRESS: 10a Chelsea Ave. Kgn.5

PHONE: 908-1146


CONTACT: Maurice Gabay


Malcolm’s Hardware Ltd.

ADDRESS:46 Slipe Road Kingston 5
PHONE: 926-3610

CONTACT: Malcolm Johnson


MJC Masterbuilders Ltd.

ADDRESS: 69 Constant Spring Unit 10,Kgn 10

PHONE: 905-3933


CONTACT: Maurice Gabay


Marathon Trucking & Haulage

ADDRESS: 51 ½ Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
PHONE: 978-2402

CONTACT: Chris Hendriks


McLeish Wholesale

ADDRESS: 81 Waltham Park Road, Kgn 11

PHONE: 923-6549


CONTACT: Wesley McLeish


August Town Hardware & Supplies Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 89 August Town Rd.,St.Andrew
PHONE: 977-7962

CONTACT: Cuthbert Millen


New Rollington Hardware

ADDRESS: 19 Giltress Street, Kingston 2

PHONE: 928-8863


CONTACT: Michael Henry


New Budget Hardware & Supplies

ADDRESS: 195 Hagley Park Road
PHONE: 923-4560

CONTACT: Robert Dabdoub


New Era Homes 2000 Ltd

ADDRESS: Shop #2, Caribbean Estate Shopping Village,Bernard Lodge

PHONE: 602-5764


CONTACT: Leo Taddeo


New Jamil Ltd.

ADDRESS: 59 Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11
PHONE: 923-4980

CONTACT: Kamal Ahmad


Dunn’s Electrical Hardware

ADDRESS: 33 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 754-2921


CONTACT: Steve Dunn


Paul Johnson Construction

ADDRESS: 76A Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10
PHONE: 926-7657

CONTACT: Winston Johnson


Phil’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 66 ¼ Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 969-1750


CONTACT: Basil Phillips


Probarr Coporation Ja. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 6 Tobias Road, Kingston 11
PHONE: 937-1999

CONTACT: Hensley Barr


Quality Dealers

ADDRESS: 8 Red Hills Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 926-6869


CONTACT: Anthony Walker


Rapid & Sheffield Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: Myers Wharf, Newport East
PHONE: 765-2806

CONTACT: Dawn Harrisingh


Red Hills Hardware

ADDRESS: Shop #1,Tyrell’s Red Hills P.O.

PHONE: 945-8246


CONTACT: Gregory Barnes


Rich Construction

ADDRESS: 23 Border Ave, Kingston 19
PHONE: 931-5005

CONTACT: Richard Peters


Rogers Land Development Co.Ltd.

ADDRESS: 72 Molynes Road

PHONE: 923-6405


CONTACT: Richard Rogers


H.V.F. Seixas Limited

ADDRESS: Temple Hall, St.Andrew (P.O. Box 465. K19)
PHONE: 942-5028

CONTACT: Seixas Frederick


Super Value Home Center

ADDRESS: 58 Mannings Hill Road, Kgn. 8

PHONE: 969-1592


CONTACT: Craig Chin


Telret Construction Co.Ltd.

ADDRESS: 13 Kings Way, Kingston 10
PHONE: 929-1852

CONTACT: Micheal Todd


Total Trading Home & Hardware

ADDRESS: 138 Red Hills Road, Kingston 19

PHONE: 725-4807


CONTACT: Sean Mingoes


Tri-Star Engineering

ADDRESS: 9 Saxthrope Ave. Kingston 8
PHONE: 925-6523

CONTACT: Derrick Clarke


W&W Electrical & Hardware

ADDRESS: 42 Turman Ave. Kingston 10

PHONE: 968-6510


CONTACT: Roosevelt White


Walkers Block Factory & Quarry

ADDRESS: Seven Miles, Bull Bay
PHONE: 928-7000 / 938-9467

CONTACT: Mr. Kenneth Walker


E. Walters Trucking

ADDRESS: 39 Cowper Drive, Kingston 20
PHONE: 969-7226

CONTACT:Mr. Errol Walters


West Indies Home Contractors Ltd.

ADDRESS: 7-9 Habour Street, Kingston
PHONE: 922-6670

CONTACT: Delroy Alcott


Hardware 2000 Ltd.

ADDRESS: 59 Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11

PHONE: 901-5578


CONTACT: Jason Azan


Huel Industries Limited

ADDRESS: 8 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10
PHONE: 989-6146

CONTACT: Hugh Scott


Local Hardware Smith

ADDRESS: 8 March Pen Road Spanish Town

PHONE: 989-6146


CONTACT: Sean Gooden


Original Dada’s Enterprise Ltd.

ADDRESS: 59 Waltham Park Road, Kingston 11
PHONE: 923-5694

CONTACT: Verol Douglas


Lyndhurst Hardware

ADDRESS: 55 Lyndhurst Road, Kingston 5

PHONE: 908-3973


CONTACT: Sheryl Parkinson


Home Central

ADDRESS: Unit #5, 78 Slipe Road, Kingston 5
PHONE: 906-7835

CONTACT: Micheal Brooks


Aerocon Construction Ja. Ltd.

ADDRESS: 20 Hope Road

PHONE: 929-1368


CONTACT: Richard Lake


N. Amos Trucking

ADDRESS: 23 Eighth Street, Kgn. 13

CONTACT: Noel Amos


Buying House Cement Ltd.

ADDRESS: 12 Overton Avenue, Kingston 10

PHONE: 758-3077-8


CONTACT: Canute Salmon


Paul Johnson Costruction

ADDRESS: 76 A Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10
PHONE: 926-7657

CONTACT: Winston Johnson


Vicwil Enterprises Ltd.

ADDRESS: 11 Beechwood Avenue, Kgn.5

PHONE: 926-0729


CONTACT: Victor Wilson


Real Deal Electrical Sales & Service

ADDRESS: #9 Barracks Road, Montego Bay, St. James>
PHONE: 315 - 9060

CONTACT: Richard Smith


WMI Water Management International

ADDRESS: NWC Constant Spring Water Treatment Plant Long Lane Kingston

PHONE: 756-3258


CONTACT: Christophe Serrer


ECJ Hardware

ADDRESS: 49 A Deaneary Road, Kingston 3.
PHONE: 930-8565

CONTACT: Ermine Cynthia Bryan


J. P. Hardware Centre

ADDRESS: 70 ½ Molynes Road, Kingston 10

PHONE: 923-5660


CONTACT: Brenton Neil


Victor Distributor

ADDRESS: 8 Sandy Park Road, Kingston 6
PHONE: 777-1728

CONTACT: Victor Griffiths




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