Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - Manchester

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in Manchester



Barrett Block & Concrete Products Limited

ADDRESS: Chudleigh Dist., Robins Hall P.A
PHONE: 964-3242

CONTACT: Ronald Barrett


Best Price Builders Mart

ADDRESS: 6 North Race Course Rd. Mandeville, Manchester

PHONE: 964-4067


CONTACT: Patrick Taylor


Bi-Way Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 39, Royal Flat,Williamsfield
PHONE: 963-4332

CONTACT: Luther Chantiloupe


Brumalia Hardware

ADDRESS: 2 Perth Road, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-2115


CONTACT: Joseph Chin


Central Cement

ADDRESS: Main Street, P.O. Box 44, Christiana
PHONE: 964-2259

CONTACT: George Kirby


Central Hardware & Plumbing Supplies

ADDRESS: 17 Ward Avenue, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-1789


CONTACT: Osbourne L. Brown


Durastone Jamaica Limited

ADDRESS: 62 Caledonia Road, Mandeville
PHONE: 849-4189

CONTACT: Wayne Gallimore


Hardware & Lumber

ADDRESS: 16 Ward Avenue Mandeville

PHONE: 961-8631


CONTACT: Sharon Chin-Tye


Hatfield Hardware & Supplies Ltd

ADDRESS: Hatfield Plaza, Hatfield

CONTACT: Jerome Roach


Johnson’s Building Division

ADDRESS: 2 Newark Close, Spur Tree

PHONE: 964-6836


CONTACT: Nicole Drummond


Jones Bargain House

ADDRESS: Murphy’s Plaza Christiana & Sylidian Court
PHONE: 964-3212

CONTACT: Orenthia Allen


Lane Hardware

ADDRESS: 72 Manchester Road, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-4526


CONTACT: Neville Wright


Mack John Traders

ADDRESS: 72 Manchester Road, Mandeville
PHONE: 962-9550

CONTACT: Lawrence Johnson


Marjoblac Quarry & Block Factory

ADDRESS: Chudleigh District, Christiana, P.O. Box 1661

PHONE: 964-9871


CONTACT: Omar Jones


May Day Block Factory Trucking Construction & Development Ltd.

ADDRESS: May Day P.A., Manchester
PHONE: 964-9178

CONTACT: Radcliffe Nelson


McIntosh Golden Block Co.

ADDRESS: Crawford District, Fyffess Pen P.O., St. Elizabeth

PHONE: 880-2826


CONTACT: Textburt Gooden


Meg Rose Blocks & Hardware

ADDRESS: Victoria Town Dist. & P.A. Manchester
PHONE: 425-3375

CONTACT: Marvin Meggie


Meikles Blockmaking Ltd.

ADDRESS: Spur Tree, Manchester

PHONE: 964-6395


CONTACT: Trevor Meikle


Mid Way Block Making

ADDRESS: New Port P.O., Manchester
PHONE: 904-9941

CONTACT: Franklyn Sconce


Patmore Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 117, Christiana

PHONE: 964-2411


CONTACT: Karl Patmore


Persad’s Hardware

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 12, Porus
PHONE: 904-1105

CONTACT: Lagene Persad


PRO Hardware (Wiltshire)

ADDRESS: 62-64 Manchester Road Mandeville

PHONE: 625-0722


CONTACT: Gus Santino


S & V Development Co. Ltd.

ADDRESS: Kingsland, Spur Tree P.O.
PHONE: 964-6527

CONTACT: Miguel Smith


Sinclair’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Chudleigh District, Christiana

PHONE: 964-2697


CONTACT: Wilbert Sinclair


Somerset Enterprises Ltd.

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 5952, Kendal, Manchester
PHONE: 904-5585

CONTACT: Albert Powell


Southern Finance Company Limited

ADDRESS: 22A Ward Avenue, Mandeville, Manchester Sui # 10

PHONE: 681-6075-6


CONTACT: Baldwin Smith


Stewart’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Cnr Ward Ave & Winston Jones Highway
PHONE: 963-8883

CONTACT: Baron Stewart


Palmer’s Enterprise

ADDRESS: Mile Gully P.O. Manchester

PHONE: 610-7356


CONTACT: Everton Alexander Palmer


T & A Midway Blocking

ADDRESS: New Port P.O. Manchester
PHONE: 904-9941

CONTACT: Franklyn Sconce


Wiltshire’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Spaldings

PHONE: 964-0615


CONTACT: Lisa Wiltshire-Desveoda


Mile- Gully Hardware

ADDRESS: Mile Gully P.O. Mandeville
PHONE: 796-6783

CONTACT: Donna Shields


Delcam Roofing & Hardware

ADDRESS: Asia Dist. Pratville, P.O. Manchester

PHONE: 770-4687


CONTACT: Delroy Campbell


Diego’s Hardware Plus

ADDRESS: Bottom Pond, Kendal Dist., Mandeville P.O.
PHONE: 504-8349

CONTACT: Wayne Aird


Local Hardware Smith

ADDRESS: Cnr Brumalia & Caledonia, Mandeville

PHONE: 962-1935


CONTACT: Sean Gooden



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