Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - Portland

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in Portland



Discount Block Factory

ADDRESS: Boston, Portland
PHONE: 993-8484

CONTACT: Trevor Officer


B & A Hardware

ADDRESS: 1 Victoria Road, Buff Bay

PHONE: 996-1197


CONTACT: Arthur Tobin


Builders Depot

ADDRESS: Long Wall,Bound Brook Road, Port Antonio
PHONE: 715-3128

CONTACT: Christopher Sarju


Caribbean Construction And Electrical Serv.

ADDRESS: 35 West Street, Port Antonio

PHONE: 715-6412


CONTACT: Jason Harley


D.I.B. Block Factory

ADDRESS: St. Margaret’s Bay
PHONE: 913-3530

CONTACT: Kimberly Kerr


Twin City Hardware & Supplies

ADDRESS: Victoria Road, Buff Bay

PHONE: 996-1553


CONTACT: Horace Tapper


Young’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Fairy Hill District,Manchioneal
PHONE: 993-6886

CONTACT: Leo Young


A & J Ramtulla Payless Hardware

ADDRESS: 44 Williams Street, Port Antonio

PHONE: 993-4415


CONTACT: Rory Ramtulla


E&J Bolts & Nuts

ADDRESS: 27 East Palm Ave.,Port Antonio
PHONE: 715-6687

CONTACT: Ealon Murdock


High Rolla Trucking & Block Factory

ADDRESS: Lower Fair Prospect, Long Bay P.O

PHONE: 359-6119


CONTACT: Neal Campbell


Robinson & Son’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 18 West Palm Avenue,Port Antonio
PHONE: 715-1724

CONTACT: Samuel F.Robinson







Osmond Chung & Sons

ADDRESS: 32 West street, Port Antonio
PHONE: 993-2650

CONTACT: Osmond Chung


Vinci Construction Grands Project

ADDRESS: Lot 138 M Bryans Bay, Port Antonio, Portland



CONTACT: Jacques Boudoux



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