Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - St. Catherine

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in St. Catherine



D.Davis & Sons Trucking

ADDRESS: 288 Starfish Drive,Morant Bay P.O
PHONE: 982-6740

CONTACT: Douglas Davis


ABIZ Solutions and Building Supplies

ADDRESS: 108 Gordon Boulevard,Ensom City,Spanish Town

PHONE: 840-2546

CONTACT: Phubert Ward


Ally’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Dovecot Cresent,St. John’s Road
PHONE: 981-6738

CONTACT: Shola Scott-Bent


Anderson’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Bog Walk (P.O. Box 9. Linstead)

PHONE: 985-2323

CONTACT: Richard Anderson


S. Anderson Hardware & Construction

ADDRESS: Unit 1 Palm Plaza,Portmore
PHONE: 704-5676

CONTACT: Roland Anderson


AP & RP Hardware

ADDRESS: 114 King Street Vanity Fair Linstead

PHONE: 903-0685

CONTACT: Vincent Passley


B.C Distributors Limited

ADDRESS: 16 Twickenham Park,St.Catherine
PHONE: 990-3858

CONTACT: Ray Brennan


Big Tree Enterprise Ltd.

ADDRESS: 1 Main Street, Bog Walk

PHONE: 990-3858

CONTACT: Ainsworth Chin Loy


C & M Block Factory

ADDRESS: 6A Congreave Park,Naggos Head
PHONE: 988-4771

CONTACT: Errol Mc Carthy


Caribbean Cable Co. Ltd

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 32, Rodon’s Pen, Old Harbour

PHONE: 983-2236

CONTACT: Albeo Zamor


CB Mongal’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 16 King Street,Linstead P.O.
PHONE: 903-4072

CONTACT: Cheryl Barnett


Cedar Grove Hardware

ADDRESS: C22 Cedar Manor, Gregory Park P.O.

PHONE: 746-7095

CONTACT: Horace Watson


Christian Pen Hardware & Supplies

ADDRESS: Christian Pen, Gregory Park
PHONE: 998-1833

CONTACT: Steve Edwards


Colbeck Concrete Products

ADDRESS: Colbeck Farm, Old Harbour,St.Catherine

PHONE: 948-2292

CONTACT: Duncan Young


Crystal Hardware

ADDRESS: 62 Main Street Ewarton
PHONE: 985-0520



Deen’s Hardware

ADDRESS: 46 Bronswick Avenue, Spanish Twn.

PHONE: 749-0670

CONTACT: Roseta Russell


DPK Hardware

ADDRESS: Kitson Town Plaza, Kitson Town P.A
PHONE: 981-9861

CONTACT: Donovan Collin


E&R Hardware

ADDRESS: 16 Paris Ave. Passage Fort

PHONE: 988-7485

CONTACT: Errol Mc Garthy


St. John’s Hardware(Edwards Ja.Ltd.)

ADDRESS: Lot 47 Bellevue Heights S/Town
PHONE: 943-0577

CONTACT: Barry Edwards


Spanish Town Glass & Hardware

ADDRESS: 18 Young Street, Spanish Town

PHONE: 749-6087

CONTACT: Beverly Whyte


Family Tree Hardware

ADDRESS: Lot 7 Hellshire Road,Braeton
PHONE: 949-1859

CONTACT: Ronald Wilson


Gayle’s Grill Work & Hardware

ADDRESS: 21 Cynthia Avenue, Bridgeport P.O.

PHONE: 988-4738

CONTACT: Neville Gayle


Gems Concrete Blocks

ADDRESS: 17 St. John’s Road, Spanish Town
PHONE: 948-1091

CONTACT: Garth Martin


Hardrock Concrete Mix Limited

ADDRESS: 56 Jobs Lane, Spanish Town

PHONE: 981-3203

CONTACT: Nigel Bloomfield


Hardware Depot United

ADDRESS: 12 Frazers Blvd. Frazers Content
PHONE: 943-1570

CONTACT: Lloyd Peak


Holt’s Hardware Supplies

ADDRESS: Guy’s Hill P.O.

PHONE: 994-3188

CONTACT: Wesley Holt


Homer Plus Hardware

ADDRESS: 16 Bannister Rd. Old Harbour
PHONE: 983-1846

CONTACT: Radcliffe Robinson


Imperial Building Supplies

ADDRESS: 18 West Street, Old Harbour

PHONE: 983-1559

CONTACT: Hoschan Geddes


JJ’s Hardware

ADDRESS: Gutters, Bushy Park, St. Catherine
PHONE: 983-8455

CONTACT: Carl Johnson


J S Hardware

ADDRESS: 53 Wellington Street, Spanish Town

PHONE: 943-8317

CONTACT: Simeon Ellis


K-Ban Limited

ADDRESS: 22 King Street, Linstead
PHONE: 985-6117

CONTACT: Kiron Banton


L.C. Hardware

ADDRESS: 113 South Monticello, Spanish Town

PHONE: 746-0015

CONTACT: Charmaine Guyah


Clive Black Hardware (L. S. Black Co.)

ADDRESS: 1 Sydenham Avenue, Spanish Town
PHONE: 981-7797

CONTACT: Lorel Black


L. V. Cunningham & Co. Ltd

ADDRESS: 2 Church Street, Linstead

PHONE: 479-0407

CONTACT: Sylvena Cunningham


M&J Distributors

ADDRESS: Lot 8 Independence City Plaza, St. Catherine
PHONE: 998-7487

CONTACT: Maurice Duhaney


McLaughing Trucking

ADDRESS: Old Harbour, St. Catherine

PHONE: 549-0180

CONTACT: Mr. Mclaughing


P & F Hardware & Lumber

ADDRESS: 10 Marlie Square Old Harbour Glades
PHONE: 983-6336

CONTACT: Alfred Hutchinson


Page Hardware Limited

ADDRESS: Rose Hall, Linstead

PHONE: 985-9592

CONTACT: Errol Page


Perez Block Company Ltd.

ADDRESS: 116 Brunswick Avenue, Spanish Town
PHONE: 984-5583

CONTACT: Devedas Perez


Race Novelties Hardware

ADDRESS: Longsville Park, Clarendon

PHONE: 902-5862

CONTACT: Raj Shakir


Renisean Hardware

ADDRESS: 8 West Henderson Blvd. Gr. Portmore
PHONE: 949-9339

CONTACT: Karlene Barnett


Rull’s Enterprise Ltd.

ADDRESS: 52 St. John’s Road, Spanish Town

PHONE: 981-0493

CONTACT: Herman Rhule


Ridon Traders

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 15, Ewarton P.O. St. Catherine
PHONE: 985-9657

CONTACT: Donald Banhan


Rock Bottom Hardware

ADDRESS: 34 Flecther’s Avenue, Linstead

PHONE: 903-3325

CONTACT: Mr. ChinLoy


Royal Avenue Home Starters Depot

ADDRESS: 1 Royal Avenue, Linstead, St. Catherine
PHONE: 486-9997

CONTACT: Dorothy Laing


L. J. Enterprise Limited

ADDRESS: Lot 372, Willowdene Park Way, Spanish Town

PHONE: 943-1272

CONTACT: Austin Shakespare


Scott’s Stockpile & Construction

ADDRESS: 38 South Street, Old Harbour St. Catherine
PHONE: 745-3606

CONTACT: Ishmael Scott


Supreme Blocks

ADDRESS: 56 Jobs Lane, Spanish Town

PHONE: 981-6129

CONTACT: Nigel Bloomfield


Tingling Hardware & Supplies Ltd.

ADDRESS: 53 Main Street Ewarton
PHONE: 985-0099

CONTACT: Donald Tingling


Triple J’s Enterprise

ADDRESS: 42 Marlie Acres, Old Harbour

PHONE: 983-1808

CONTACT: Kevin Campbell


Train Track Hardware

ADDRESS: 13 Medowvale Place, Gregory Park P.O.
PHONE: 998-1961

CONTACT: Lloyd Campbell


Watermount Supplies

ADDRESS: Watermount District, St. Catherine

PHONE: 705-2472

CONTACT: Selvin Morris


Orange Field Hardware

ADDRESS: Orange Field District, Orange field P. A., St. Catherine
PHONE: 284-2347

CONTACT: Delsome Ormsby


CESS Hardware Incorporated Limited

ADDRESS: Old Breaton Main Road, Greater Portmore P.O. St.Catherine

PHONE: 998-2357

CONTACT: Dave Cespedes


Wedgwood Building Materials

ADDRESS: 56 Old Harbour Road, Spanish Town
PHONE: 943-4966

CONTACT: Leroy Coombs


Local Hardware Smith

ADDRESS: 8 March Pen Road, Spanish Town

PHONE: 749-2686-7

CONTACT: Sean Gooden



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