Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Caribean Cement Company Limited - Distributors - St. Thomas

  Below are the approved Carib Cement Distributors in St. Thomas



Victor Distributor

ADDRESS: 8 Sandy Park Road, Kingston 6
PHONE: 777-1728

CONTACT: Victor Griffiths


Abrahams Hardware

ADDRESS: Seaforth,St Thomas

PHONE: 350-6230

CONTACT: Abraham Vickers


Chong Sang Hardware

ADDRESS: 27 Queen Street,Morant Bay
PHONE: 982-2240

CONTACT: George Chong Sang


DJ’s Hardware & Merchandise

ADDRESS: Lot 7 Albion Estate, St.Thomas

PHONE: 706-1356

CONTACT: Jodi-Ann Black


Harriott’s Block Factory

ADDRESS: York District,Seaforth P.O.
PHONE: 982-4708

CONTACT: Lanworth Rawle


Homes Hardware

ADDRESS: Shop #3, Retreat Plaza,8 Miles Bull Bay

PHONE: 750-0403

CONTACT: Shannon Wallace


Jacobs Enterprises

ADDRESS: Swamp Road
PHONE: 982-8239

CONTACT: Freddie Jacobs


S.& A. Hardware

ADDRESS: Newland District, Yallahs Box 151

PHONE: 706-3555

CONTACT: Audley Black


Superior Blocks

ADDRESS: Morant Road, Morant Bay P.O., St. Thomas
PHONE: 845-8319

CONTACT: Ezra Morrison


Salguod Hardware

ADDRESS: Lot 182a Southaven, Yallahs

PHONE: 982-5533

CONTACT: Linval Skervin


McWhinney’s Hardware and Block Factory

ADDRESS: 16 West Street, Morant Bay
PHONE: 703-6406

CONTACT: Ludlow McWhinney


Millenium Paving Stones Ltd.

ADDRESS: Yallahs Industrial Estate, St. Thomas

PHONE: 703-3151

CONTACT: Micheal Silvera


Millennium Farm & Harware Supplies

ADDRESS: 185 Prospect Main Road, Morant Bay
PHONE: 734-5393

CONTACT: Leacroft Dixon


Prestige Hardware

ADDRESS: 5 C Northern Parkway, Albion Estates

PHONE: 706-1119

CONTACT: Ferdinand O’Connor


Wilson Chung & Sons

ADDRESS: 11 Murray Ave. 8 Queen Street, Morant Bay
PHONE: 982-9512

CONTACT: Eric Chung


1-Stop Building Supplies Ltd

ADDRESS: 11 Murray Ave. Morant Bay,St. Thomas

PHONE: 734-2564



D.Davis & Sons Trucking

ADDRESS: 288 Starfish Drive,Morant Bay P.O
PHONE: 982-6740

CONTACT: Douglas Davis


ABIZ Solutions and Building Supplies

ADDRESS: 108 Gordon Boulevard,Ensom City,Spanish Town

PHONE: 840-2546

CONTACT: Phubert Ward


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