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Carib Plus


Carib Cemet Plus?
On February 16, 2005, Carib Cement sucsessfully launched a new product.  The new product is Carib Cement Plus.

What is Carib Cement Plus?
It is classified as a Type l P cement. The cement that we make now is a Type l cement.

Type l P? For what does the “P” stand?
The  “P” stands for Pozzolan. Some of the clinker used in our original product is replaced with Pozzolan. Remember, we make clinker by heating limestone and clay (basalt, shale) at a temperature of 1300 to 1500 degrees Celsius.

What is Pozzolan?
Pozzolan is a material that contains the mineral silica or a combination of silica and alumina. Pozzolans are both naturally occurring and man made. An example of a naturally occurring Pozzolan is volcanic rock and a man-made Pozzolan is fly ash which is a waste material obtained from the burning of coal.
By itself, Pozzolan does not have any cementing properties. However, when Pozzolan is ground and added to lime (Calcium Oxide) and water, a gel with cementing properties is achieved.

Is using Pozzolan to make cement new?
No, from as early as 300 BC, Romans in the town of Pozzouli (from which we get the word Pozzolan) added the sand-like material from volcanic ash to concrete mixes to produce a stronger concrete.

Why is Caribbean Cement Company manufacturing this Type l P cement? What are the benefits?
§ Lower cost of production and a lower cost product to customers
§ More environmentally friendly, as replacing clinker with Pozzolan results in lower energy consumption, lower emission of green house gases and less damage to the environment
§ Superior qualities:
1. Higher strengths over time
2. Increased durability – over time the concrete increases in density thus keeping the harmful compounds like sea water and mild acids on the surface and away from the steel in the concrete
3. Reduce heat of hydration – the reaction between Pozzolan and lime generates less heat and as such less cracking due to heat


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