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Carib Cement Plus

Carib Cement Company Limited is proud to announce a technological breakthrough in its production process that has resulted in a new and improved product, Carib Cement Plus, The Portland Pozzolan Cement.

This product is ideal for all your building applications, concrete making, block-making and virtually everything else for which the former Carib Cement was used. However, now with Carib Cement Plus you will have concrete with a higher late strength and more durability, thus resulting in a better and stronger finished product. By adding Pozzolan to our production process we have not only improved the properties inherent in our cement, we have also improved our efficiency in production thus lowering our operating costs. Over time, this will result in savings, which will be passed on to the end users.

Although relatively new to Jamaica, the Pozzolan process is currently used by many cement manufacturers worldwide, particularly those in Europe. It is a tried and proven process and we have conducted numerous tests to determine its suitability for the Jamaican environment.

What is Pozzolan?

Pozzolan is derived from material present in volcanic ash and is indigenous to this region, because of the presence of active volcanoes in some of our neighbouring islands. It has a fascinating history. The first known manufactured cements in 1300 BC contained Pozzolan. Way back then, the Greeks mixed pozzolanic rock with lime and sand to make concrete. Some of those edifices still exist today.

Features of Carib Cement Plus

Carib Cement Plus

Higher Late Strength: Due to the presence of Pozzolan, concrete made with Carib Cement Plus will continue to gain strength at a greater rate than previously achievable. This will result in higher than normal late strengths.

Lower Heat of Hydration: Depending on the amount of concrete being poured, users should see a reduction in the amount of heat generated during the hydration process.

Greater Resistance to Alkali Attack and greater resistance to Chloride Penetration: This property makes Carib Cement Plus ideal for this tropical market and suitable for structures erected near the sea. Concrete made with Carib Cement Plus offers greater protection to reinforced steel from Chloride attack.

Availability of Carib Cement Plus

Carib Cement Plus is made available in a variety of ways to satisfy the dynamic demands of customers. There are regular 94lb (42.5kg) bags, Jumbo bags (1500kg) and bulk loading facilities.

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