Caribbean Cement Company Ltd has achieved another milestone by exporting clinker to Haiti for the first time. The shipment of almost 7000 metric tonnes which left the island recently, became possible due to excess capacity of clinker produced at the company’s Rockfort Plant. The company has been focused on the modernization of Rockfort cement plant, because in keeping with its belief that a strong local industry is key for the development of the country and central to building a greater Jamaica. The operations of the plant have been boosted over the past four years by an investment of more than $22 billion in capital expenditure and more than $500 million in training, health and safety and improving the environment of the plant.  The company continues to build on the gains made in our improved safety record, customer service, production capacity and consistently high quality product. Clinker is a basic product used in cement manufacturing. It is made from limestone mixed with shale and processed in the kiln.

Carib Cement has also this year exported 14,300 metric tonnes of clinker to Trinidad and Tobago.