Caribbean Cement Company Limited has recorded a health and safety milestone of 1,000 days free from accidents among employees and contractors at its Rockfort Plant in Kingston.

This milestone was officially reached on April 17, and come July, will represent an overall three years that the plant has been accident-free.

This achievement coincides with the Zero4Life policy of its ultimate parent company, CEMEX, which promotes zero recordable injuries, job-related illnesses, preventable vehicular incidents, and environmental events.

Emphasizing the significance of this achievement, Health and Safety Coordinator at the cement company, Andre Haynes, said it reflects the strong leadership and culture that is placed on this important pillar, which ensures that all persons return safely to their families at the end of each day.

“This milestone demonstrates that Zero4Life is possible, and that all persons can come to work and return home safely. As a company, we have invested heavily in the people aspect, with trainings geared towards improved safety and culture, and capital expenditure to improve the overall safety of the plant,” he said.

Mr. Haynes pointed out that Caribbean Cement Company will continue to ensure that the health and safety record remains unblemished by focusing efforts on “closing all unsafe conditions and developing employees’ capacity as health and safety champions”.