To become a Carib Cement Distributor you will be required to:

  1. Purchase a minimum of 400 (42.5kg) bags of cement per month from the Plant or Depot. Exceptions with approval from the Sales Manager.
  1. Complete application form and return to the Sales & Logistics Department, Caribbean Cement Co. Ltd., Rockfort, Kingston.  If you are posting same, send to P.O. Box 448, Kingston.
  1. Indicate the primary nature of business i.e. Hardware, Block Manufacturing or Contractor.
  1. Provide name  and  contact  number  of  the  owners  and  the  address  at  which communications should be sent.
  1. Present the company’s Certificate of Registration and banking information (to verify payment).

After your application is reviewed:

  1. Our Customer Relations Representatives will set up an appointment to visit your business place. Availability and suitability of your storage space for cement will be assessed, and any concerns you may have will be addressed.
  1. A recommendation will be made by the Sales Manager after the application is reviewed.
  1. When your  application  is  approved,  you  will  be  notified  verbally  until  the necessary letter of appointment is prepared. You may begin purchases immediately after the verbal notification.
  1. You purchase a set of pallets for your first delivery.
  1. Detailed delivery procedures and other instructions are outlined in the letter of appointment.

Updated March 22, 2017