Caribbean Cement Company is committed to participating actively in Jamaica’s fight against this threat and to do all that we can to protect our employees and customers, while continuing to produce our world class produce made from 100% Jamaican raw material.

We have taken the following steps:

  • continued our promotion of the high standards of Health and Safety which have always been our number one priority
  • empowered staff with information, including one on one discussions, to ensure understanding of the risks and preventive measures
  • equipped employees within the most vulnerable groups with sanitizers, soaps and other personal hygiene tools in order to promote hand washing
  • introduced temperature testing for all personnel entering our plants and offices in order to help with early detection of unusually high temperatures
  • been promoting social distance by:

•  holding meetings with clients, suppliers and colleagues by video call where possible
•  implementing telework among non-essential staff
•  restricting domestic travel and banning international travel
•  postponing events, workshops, training and other activities which require assembling

While practicing safe distance, we intend to remain close to our customers and can be reached at

Kingston:                     876-928-6231-5/
Mandeville Depot:     876-961-4134/
Montego Bay:             876-979-8828/

We believe that Jamaica can rise above this challenge by working together, maintaining strict hygiene practices and keeping abreast of the public health advisories.

Best Regards
Roberto Villareal
Commercial Director

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