Caribbean Cement Company Limited is acutely aware of the supply challenges within the retail market and wants to assure all customers and end users that every effort is being made to address the situation. The gaps in retail trade have resulted from challenges in the packaging operations which are being rectified.

In an effort to immediately address the issues in the local retail market, Carib Cement have already implemented investments, initiatives and activities to address the issues within the retail market. To this end Carib Cement has suspended all exports to fully dedicate and prioritize the local market.  The Company is pleased that major development projects have remained on course and clearly understands the critical importance of the construction industry to ongoing development and growth.

Carib Cement regrets the inconvenience caused by the current supply challenges and will continue working assiduously to resolve the situation. The Company will be embarking on major maintenance overhaul during the Easter Holiday, which should result in increased volumes to the market and restore stability. Carib Cement has been investing extensively in upgrading the production and packaging operations to ensure consistent supply to the growing local and international markets.